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No. 1, May 2003. Africa's looming AIDS apocalypse By Hugh McCullum

No. 2, June 2003. Natural resources, violence and misconceptions / Ressources naturelles, violence et fausses attentes By Diane Chesla

No. 3, September 2003. NEPAD and energy: Turning out the lights By Charles Ndika

No. 4, November 2003. Justice from an African woman's standpoint, By Damaris M'Mwori

No. 5, January 2004. Defiant Mugabe poses major test to future of Commonwealth club By Hugh McCullum

No. 6, February 2004. The battle over water in South Africa

No. 7, April 2004. Chad­Cameroon pipeline: Unblurring the mirage of black gold By Charles Ndika

No. 8, June 2004. Biafra was the beginning By Hugh McCullum

No. 9, September 2004. The problem of youth in Mugabe's Zimbabwe By Obert Ronald Madondo

No. 10, November 2004. Botswana­Zimbabwe: Do new fences make good neighbours? By Rodrick Mukumbira

No. 11, December 2004. Beyond a North­South settlement: Addressing problems of marginalization in Sudan By Gary Kenny

No. 12, January 2005. Somalia: Faint hope for a failed state By Hugh McCullum.

No. 13, November 2006. Congo's Hidden Tragedy: 65 million people the world forgot By Hugh McCullum.