No Easy Victories: African Liberation and American Activists over a Half Century, 1950-2000

Edited by William Minter,
Gail Hovey, and Charles Cobb Jr.
Published by Africa World Press.
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Research Updates


From Cape Town to Uptown
22-minute documentary by Lance Hill, 1984
New Orleans and apartheid South Africa. Includes interviews with New Orleans activists including Selby Semela.


Canada/Africa - In Memoriam, Brian Murphy


Cape Verde - Ray Almeida chronology

Cape Verde - Salah Matteos interview

Guide to Sources of Liberation Posters


"Anti-Apartheid Solidarity in US-South African relations"
by William Minter and Sylvia Hill, 2008, in SADET, The Road to Democracy in South Africa htm | pdf

Work a Day for Freedom
A Short History of the Bay Area Free South Africa Labor Committee
by David Bacon, Feb. 2008

A História Continua!

"It is a measure of the scope of the movement that after an overview, five decade chapters, and more than two dozen vignettes, many relevant names and organizations are still left out of these pages or mentioned only in passing. For every person whose role is discussed there are five more, or 10 more, who should be profiled as well. ...To all the individuals and organizations who are not mentioned in this story but should be, we can only say that we hope you see this book as also reflecting your own experience, and as a catalyst for documenting other threads of the movement for African liberation. ... The stories we tell in this book are, in our view, just a beginning of the history that needs to be written." - No Easy Victories, pages xii and 14

"This is a highly valuable volume ... Still, in its very strength it exposes an entire realm of research that has yet to be completed." - Gerald Horne, H-NET review, January 2008


Despite repeated proofreading, there are always a few mistakes to be corrected. Please let us know of any such mistakes or factual errors you see by writing to website editor William Minter. For factual errors please supply documentation if possible for the correction. Corrections will be noted on this site and, to the extent possible, corrected in future print editions.

(1) Page 69 - The name of the woman identified as "Margaret Cartwright" in the photo caption should be corrected to "Marguerite Cartwright."
(2) Page 236 - The publication by Gail Hovey referenced here should read Namibia's Stolen Wealth: North American Investment and South African Occupation, not North African Investment.


In many cases it was not possible to identify all the people in photographs included or other relevant details. If you can supply such missing information, please send a message to website editor William Minter. Sucah additions will be noted on this site and, to the extent possible, corrected in future print editions.

(1) Page 49 - When I took the book to the gym at which I work out regularly (City Fitness in Washington, DC) to show to friends, Veronica Robin on the desk flipped the book open by chance to this page. "Oh, my god," she said, "that's Mr. Cooke from my mother's church." The caption on the photo only identitied Aleah Bacquie, Rev. Morris Shearin of Israel Baptist Church and "a church deacon." What I learned subsequently is that William Branson Cooke, II (1927-1998) was not only a highly respected leader in Walker Memorial Baptist Church, but also a lifelong community activist and, along with Rev. Shearin, an active leader of the Washington, DC branch of the NAACP.


This section of the website contains, listed to the left, several additional brief articles and a longer research article by William Minter and Sylvia Hill, focused on "Anti-Apartheid Solidarity in US-South African relations."

A wide variety of web sources for documentation and research on the hisory of liberation struggles in Southern Africa and on internaitonal solidarity are listed, and a custom web search provided, at http://www.noeasyvictories.org/search/smartsearch1.php

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